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31 and Single?

31 and Single?



Why? What’s wrong? You wasting your time! Stop looking for a prince! You need to settle. Get down to earth! You need to go on dates! No one is perfect. You’re getting older! You need to forget about him. Your expectations are too high! So where is your Bf? Still single?


If you turned that magic number 31 and you’re still single you probably heard some of these remarks before from your friends and family or even strangers. If so then you’re at the right place. Join the club of young and single! More often than not I get asked this question “So how come the girl like you is still single?” As if being single is some kind of curse or misfortune, as if being single somehow makes me less of a human or determines my self worth in the eyes of the society. I have to say I’m actually enjoying this part of my life where I concentrate on my self-growth, watch my patters and have time and room for creativity. Don’t get me wrong being in relationship is great and that is on the horizon for me, however now I’m bathing in rays of self-love, growth, freedom and joy of unpredictability. To most, any form of uncertainty is the red flag and a perfect condition for birth of fear and anxiety. To me, however, uncertainty has become a great catalyst for development in all aspects of my life (financial or personal). Now back to being single, what does that mean to you? Whatever meaning you choose to give to that statement will limit or free you; your choice.

I turned 31 in August and this was the first time that I didn’t get to have a big celebration with my friends and family, I chose to stay under the radar this year and make the world forget it was my birthday. It was a conscious choice and I’m glad I did it. I was a little sad that I was getting older and kept on referring to my age as if I was doomed, but then I realized that this is the best time of my life and I will never ever be 31 again therefore I should take full advantage of this moment and enjoy myself. So my advice to you if you over that magic number 30 and still single, enjoy it, explore the world, find new hobbies, discover yourself and bring your frequency to the level you want your partner to be and he/she will find you! It’s inevitable. The most important thing is don’t focus on that and don’t complain. Create that special relationship with you, date you, spoil you and the ONE will find the path towards you.



Good luck!



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  1. Udi

    Great blog) Particularly for those who are just crossing their 30 years and discouraged by people around and to stop wasting time and settle down.
    Why to settle down when you can still flow)

    04 . Sep . 2016

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