CREATE / August 2, 2016

When you really want something….

You’ve heard this a million times before and there are tons of inspirational quotes and posts and personal stories exemplifying this concept. I’m another living example of this phenomena called, and I’ll quote Paulo Coelho “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. A lot of my friends call me lucky, and I always thought of myself as being a lucky one, simply because whenever I wanted something with all my heart, I was able to materialize it. And it happened almost effortlessly. Whenever I thought that there is no way out or this is not possible, but inside I was longing for this one thing with such desperation, universe, god, infinite intelligence or however you want to label it, would just open the door and show me the way. Every time. So now I know it’s not that I was born under a lucky star, but the fact that when I become really passionate by an idea I began feeding my mind with that though day and night and eventually I start to see the path towards achieving the desired outcome. And at times when it doesn’t make sense and there is no answer or a way, all you need to do is to clear you mind, go to sleep and hope that the answer will find you instead of you searching for it. I believe that the faith and the knowledge of this concept is far more powerful than the set of skills or even a hard work.



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