TRAVEL / June 22, 2016

Who said short distance traveling is not traveling?

Who said short distance traveling is not traveling?


Hello reader,

I know when you think of traveling you think of traveling around the world, but who said short distance traveling isn’t traveling? More often than not we take our town or even our country as a backyard that we can always visit and overlook the beauty and serenity that lies before us. Last weekend my friend visited me from NY and she wanted to spend some time away from a Big Apple, and just give in to the nature and peace that my hometown offers. We traveled to neighboring town that took us about 30 minutes and enjoyed paddle boarding, sun bathing and strawberry picking. Weather was amazing, water was warm, and conversations were long and meaningful. We spent 2 days enjoying each other’s company and letting go of worries of everyday life. Yes it was a short distance travel, however a journey is best measured in friends rather than in miles.


It’s summer my friends so Travel and see the world, the world start with your hometown!





  1. Mary

    Love you style! Keep up the good work 🙂

    22 . Jun . 2016
  2. lana

    there r so many amazing breathtaking places to see in US that are often overlooked. Many people complain that they cant travel bcs they cant afford it. Believe me, it costs much less if u look into it. I visited a few states myself and realized how many more unique places i want to see. Dont stop yourself from exploring your homeland. It has a lot to offer!!!!!

    23 . Jun . 2016
    • createlovetravel

      Thank you Lana for your insightful comment! You are indeed right, there are a lot of breathtaking places here in US 🙂

      24 . Jun . 2016
  3. Udi

    You got point!..Of course, we should all start up our travelling experience from our very nearby places . The thing is that many people just think travelling as a long planned travel to some distant tourist place. And such plans are mostly liable to get delayed due to our busy work lifestyle:/ I like to explore places around my hometown and with great friend’s company, the experience even becomes more awesome)

    18 . Jul . 2016

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