LOVE / June 17, 2016

The Boomerang Effect…

The Boomerang Effect…

Hello reader,

Have you heard of a boomerang effect? Well you probably didn’t simply because I just came up with this term. To know what it is we first need to understand what boomerang is and how it works. First of all it has a special shape that allows this object to fly in a particular trajectory and come back to you no matter how hard you throw it away. And if you are not careful enough, and don’t know how to catch the boomerang it will hit you over and over again.

Well here is the crazy concept “It will only comeback to you if you remain on the same spot from where you threw it away” Once again “It will only comeback to you if you remain on the same spot from where you threw it away”. Meaning if you step away from the point of launch you will miss the impact of its return.

We’re all have boomerangs in our lives such as (bad habits, wrong decisions or people that we try to forget) like a boomerang they always comeback and the collision could be painful. Although our brain is able to determine the consequence of that impact we often make decisions that harm us. Why is that?


There lees the key to an answer. I’ve heard that we do things in life either to avoid the pain or to gain the pleasure. So why is it that we make decisions that causing us pain? Well simply because it also gives us a pleasure. In fact we get the pleasure first and pain is something we get later, so we settle for pain to gain that instant pleasure. We live in the world of instant gratification, we want everything and NOW! We lower our standards and loose our dignity to gain that moment of ecstasy. That drink you know you shouldn’t have, that drug you know you shouldn’t take, that alarm you know you shouldn’t snooze, that man you know you should forget! You say you would, you throw it away like a boomerang, BUT we know the trajectory of the boomerang right? It will always come back to you unless you’re no longer THERE. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Throw away your boomerang and go for a walk, where will your journey bring you? Who will you become on the road?

What or who is your boomerang?



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