LOVE / July 7, 2016

I Met a Guy….

Hello reader,

I don’t know how exactly the blog writing supposed to go, however I always looked at it as a way of keeping a diary. Place where you can talk about your passions, learning experiences and possibly mistakes so that others could learn from it. And in this first blog I would like to share with you my story about a guy I met few years ago…

Have you ever had a man in your life that you loved despite all his imperfections and all his mistakes, despite the common scenes that supposed to keep you away from man like that in the first place? I have. And since this story is based on true events of my life I will not reveille his real name or anyone else involved, so for the sake of the story telling lets just call him Adrian Doran.

I met Adrian 6 years ago and I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. I remember the sunny day, the ocean breeze; the sound of waives crashing against the shore and the screaming seagulls flying above my head. One thing that I would never forget is the smile on this guy’s face as I saw him approaching me from the distance. He was getting closer and closer and suddenly I realized that I knew him from somewhere. His smile indicated that he knew me too, but I couldn’t decipher to which circle of my social life he might belong to. He wasn’t my coworker or an acquaintance; he didn’t look like someone I might have dated in the past either. In fact he didn’t even look like someone I’ve met because I would never been able to forget that face. His confident posture and crooked smile made me shiver and that’s when the moment of epiphany honored me with its grace. “I know this guy,” I thought to myself and yes we met before. However, not in 3 D dimension of the real life, but rather in the universe of the social media site as I now recall. “Oh that’s right he asked me out several times and I refused. Wait. Why did I refuse?” Now he was standing in front of me with his seductive grin that made my throat dry and my palms sweaty and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to say anything. I was on my bike he was walking his dog, beautiful golden pit-bull. I looked at him and smiled back, he started the conversation. “Hi, so… we finely met.”

“Hi I guess we did” I said while trying to put my thoughts together, any thoughts. I knew I was supposed to say something but I couldn’t think of anything; I was just frozen in a moment. Oh no… that feeling… you know that feeling don’t you? Those butterflies, the raising heart bit, the sudden lack of oxygen because you forgot to breath. I knew then that it was the end, because I distinguished that sweet poison sinking into my veins, I recognized the aromatic drug I just inhaled. I had no antidote I just knew that I had to fever through it.

I wasn’t given a heads up or a warning by the fate or all mighty universe that this day will have such a significant impact on my life, but it did. That same day I visited the site where we meat with Adrian and saw that he left me a message; it was short and direct: “So will you give me your number or you prefer online communication?” I thought he had no manners yet I was already under influence of his charm, which veiled my eyes with pure ignorance, and my replay was also short and direct. I simply gave him my number. In few hours we continued our conversation by phone and at the end of the conversation we booked the date.

It turned out that we lived in the neighboring towns and he and I both enjoyed long walks by the shore so for our first date we agreed to meet at the beach. Since I was nervous prior to our date I left the house earlier and jogged by the shore to calm myself down.



To be continued…..



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